Things to check to minimize the cause of Breakdown


If the lights dim or you have persistent battery problems, when the engine is running, this indicates a faulty generator/alternator.

Distributor Cap

A distributor cap should be replaced at the manufacturers recommended intervals. A crack in the cap, which is so small that the eye can’t see, is sufficient enough to reduce the voltage needed for the ignition system to work. Dampness and dust also affects the distributor caps voltage for ignition due to weather bad conditions.


When filling up your vehicle, you must be aware of the fuel type your vehicle uses and the fuel pumps situated at filling stations. It is an expensive process to drain the tank and dispose of contaminated fuel.

Spark Plugs

Change spark plugs at recommended service intervals, as they build up with a charcoal-like substance, weakening the spark. This will keep a strong spark for the ignition system, especially in the winter time.


Always have a spare set of keys with you (especially with modern cars which have an anti-theft system that locks the doors automatically). If this is the case, recovery to the car dealer is the only answer.

Locking Wheel Nuts

Adaptors for locking wheel nuts have a habit of going missing. If locking wheel nuts are fitted, check to make sure that the special adaptor required is included with the toolkit and that it fits the nuts.